Mama Pasta: Where Tradition is Shaken Up with Innovation

Despite it serves only Italian pasta dishes and looks like a tourist trap, Mama Pasta is actually a fresh, innovative and inexpensive little restaurant located inside the small alleys of Trastevere. The peculiar characteristic of this all-about-pasta restaurant is that the customers are able to see the preparation of their customized pasta dishes, which are …

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Academic Oversight & Weighted Grading

By Jonah Mayer Anyone who tells you that lower average GPAs doesn’t matter is lying. In fact, a recent study by PLOS One found that a higher GPA, as well as attending a school with a high average GPA, provided a considerable boost to those applying for an MBA. It is not surprising then, that …

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Joey Reviews: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

By Joseph Armenio Believe it or not, this is going to be my last Joey Reviews. I’m graduating in May, but hey, we had some pretty good times. I hated on Suicide Squad and praised Doctor Strange. I’ve touched the heart and souls of my thousands of fans. Let’s face it, I became a cultural …

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Back in the U.S.S.R.

By Polina Kuznetsova “Let’s cook borscht,” my mother said one evening. She had come to visit me in Rome, and was tired of eating pasta. I gladly supported the idea. Three months without Russian food had been tough. We went to a Russian grocery store in the Vatican area, “Galychyna,” to find ingredients for the …

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Ask Ms. Cabot

Dear Ms. Cabot, I’m a study abroad student, and I feel like there is so much of Rome that I haven’t seen. I only have a few days left, so I want to see some more sites before I leave. What are your favorite places in Rome outside of Trastevere?  Grazie mille! Mr. Wanderlust   …

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Expedition 196: A Declaration for World Peace

By Cassidy Slockett Have you ever dreamed of traveling the whole world? It is something many people aspire to do, but it is also something that can be difficult, if not impossible to do. Traveling the world takes bravery, resourcefulness, good health, openness to other cultures, and a decent chunk of time and money.  Cassie …

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Barilla: Center For Food & Nutrition

By Cristina Di Leva Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) Foundation held its first official event at John Cabot University last March 21, 2017. The theme was “How to Promote Food Sustainability.” Professor Margaret Kneller introduced the lecture, which was carried out by Dr. Elena Cadel, researcher, consultant and representative of the BCFN Foundation. …

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Alcohol After Midnight Alone

By Chiara Porporato It is move-in day at John Cabot University and like every semester the JCU Housing staff, along with a team of Resident Assistants and Orientation Leaders, is at Fiumicino Airport ready to welcome a new group of students. Stations have been set up for the check-in process and the RAs were ready …

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Narrative 4

By Seynabou Diallo Opening up with a stranger is not easy at all, especially if you are shy, introvert, or you just care about your privacy. Telling an unknown person a meaningful episode of your life that has contributed to making you the person you are now is a real challenge. However, letting that other …

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Picnic Farro Recipe

By Otis T Bumblegus 500g perlato (pearled) farro 3 large carrots 5 firm grappolo tomatoes 1 pack of dolce peppers 1 box of fresh basil 1 mini can of corn 300g (or more) of piccante (spicy) provolone cheese 2 lemons Salt & pepper Spices: dried basil, oregano, parsley, crushed red pepper Extra virgin olive oil …

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Shattering Stigmas: Perfectionism

By Cassidy Slockett I want you to imagine a time when you felt like you weren’t good enough. Most people, at one point or another, have experienced this - maybe you were rejected by that job you applied for, or ignored by the person you like. Now, I want you to imagine going through every …

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A Final Letter from the Editor…

Dear JCU community, This is my last issue as chief editor. Yes, this is it! The day has finally arrived, I will be graduating in two weeks. Of course the future looks terrifying, but I am also grateful for all I accomplished in these years in John Cabot. These last weeks are a good moment …

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Graduation: What Now?

By Maria del Pilar Murguia Graduating student leaders at last year’s President’s Gala. From left: Cristian Tracci, Sara Traylor, Davide Orsitto, Giorgia Maia, Enrica Pacitto, Giulia Primo, Aleks Vereschak, Giuseppe Spatafora and Enrica Barberis.    What are we leaving behind? Did we take enough time to think about our legacy? What is going to happen …

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April Issue 2017

APRIL final   Hello JCU, Welcome to the last issue of Spring 2017. The Matthew team, would like to thank all the people who got involved this year, and supported us. Four of us are graduating, and we would like to acknowledge their hard work and give them a big thank you! Thank you Cassidy, …

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March Issue

 ISSUE HERE: march Ciao John Cabot! I am happy to say that warm weather is on its way! We are halfway through the semester and spring break is just around the corner! Coraggio, JCU! Thank you for your support and feedback every month.  In the March issue, I decided to concentrate on three themes: internationalism, feminism, …

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Ask Ms. Cabot

Dear Ms. Cabot, It’s midterms week, I am overwhelmed with papers and tests. What are some good ways to relax, take care of myself, unwind, and rest? Sincerely, Overwhelmed-college-student Dear Overwhelmed-college-student, Between midterms, papers, and extra-curricular activities, I feel like my cortisol levels are through the roof! Two things to help you stay balanced during …

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By Giulia Primo and Cassidy Slockett “Kurdistan what?” This is response uttered from the majority of people when they hear of this new fashion movement in in the middle east. Kurdistan is an autonomous nation completely isolated from Iraq, but is still under its laws and not recognized as an independent country. This isolation caused an …

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Finding Home in Rome

BY STEPHANIE QADIR The “study abroad experience” is one that more and more students are taking advantage of each year. The experience itself boasts impressive bene ts, including global internships, meeting international friends, and increased job opportunities. The event is an eye-opening and exciting experience. However, many students who go abroad nd the aspect of immersing …

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Theatre Society Presents “A Night of Shel Silverstein”

By Cassidy Slockett   JCU Theatre Society has been working hard to prepare for their next performance, “A Night of Shel Silverstein”. The show is a combination of comedies “Shel’s Shorts” mixed with “An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein”, which are made up entirely of ten minute scenes and sketches.   Unlike most university plays, …

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BY CHIARA TRAVERSARO & CRISTIANA CORDOVA If you thought the library hosted only books, you’d be wrong. Hidden among the bookshelves, there is a little gallery: the 4m2 Gallery. The name refers to the dimensions of space behind the info desk in the Aurelian Wing of the library, where this project rst de- veloped. The …

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