Grassroots, John Cabot’s New Environmental Club

Grassroots. The name itself reflects both our connection to the Earth as well as our ground-up approach to tackling environmental issues. As John Cabot University’s new and growing environmental club, we strongly believe that environmental protection and sustainable practices are key to ensuring the economic, social and spiritual well-being of humankind. Furthermore, we sustain that large and lasting change sprouts from the values held and actions taken by local communities. That is why we are committed to building awareness of environmental issues within our own JCU community and working to make our campuses and neighborhood more green, sustainable places.

We want to not only communicate the seriousness and urgency of environmental problems, but also inspire students to be the generation that succeeds in putting modern society in sync with the natural rhythm and cycle of our planet.

To realize our mission, Grassroots is working on an awesome series of events, activities, projects and trips for the spring 2014 semester. From a big Tiber River clean-up day to a weekend trip to a sustainability center in the Umbrian countryside, our plans this semester are both bold and exciting.

However, the only way we are going to pull off all of these fun and meaningful experiences is if we can bring a considerable number of invested students into the club.

So, if our message and sense of community purpose resonates with you, send us an email expressing your involvement!

We hope to hear from you soon!

The Grassroots Team
Facebook: JCU Grassroots


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