Multicultural Club

By The Multicultural Club


Since the beginning of this semester the Multicultural Club has been hosting events and collaborating with other clubs.
After being approached by students interested in showing others a different culture, the club decided to host Arabian Night on campus.

The event took place in the Aula Magna Regina and many students attended. The Admissions Office helped fund the event that was filled with Arab food from a local restaurant.

After President Franco Pavoncello spoke, a presentation was given then students began eating and dancing in the room.

In February the club took on another project. This time they celebrated Maslenitsa with the newly established Russian Speaking Club. Pancakes were served in the Tiber Cafe by students as they talked about the origins of the holiday.

The next event members of the JCU community can look forward to is the Very International People (VIP) event. In the past, the VIP event has been the club’s most successful event.  Students from around the world prepare food from their respective countries and serve it  to others while learning about one another’s cultures.

During the event a dj plays music from different parts of the world and students are free to present about their countries and traditions.

A date has not been set for this semester’s VIP event, but the multicultural club will notify everyone as arrangements are made.

To participate in the event, send and email to


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