Student Profile: Meet Lynette Quezada

In one year, Lynette Quezada, John Cabot University’s new student government president, has globetrotted from her hometown of Miami, to Rome, to South Korea.

It is fitting that Quezada, with her passion for international travel and giving back to the community, was elected as JCU’s Student Government President last spring.

Quezada has been a staple of the JCU Community from the start of her college career. She has been involved with the Drama Club, Ipazia, Women’s Leadership Initiative and served as secretary for Student Government.

On campus, Quezada is known for her positive attitude and alacrity to participate in student events. “” As a mentor, I have seen Lynette progress into a outgoing, well spoken, and elegant leader of the university”,” said Alexandria Maloney, a degree-seeking senior.

When Quezada was in high school, she started watching a Korean soap opera dubbed in Spanish. Her fondness for the television show became a fascination with the Korean culture. After arriving to JCU in 2012, Quezada quickly cultivated a tight knit network of Korean friends. This inspired her to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea last spring.

In Seoul, Quezada forayed into politics. She earned a rare internship with South Korea’s majority political group, the Saenuri Party, and worked at the National Assembly daily for Congressman Shim Jae Chul.

Quezada said her Latina background played a big role in her desire to spend time abroad. “As a Latina and American, I am able to show both of my roots as I travel and hopefully demonstrate an open-minded approach.”


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