Communication Students Photographing a Gelato World Tour

Photo Credit: Sofia Martuscelli, degree-seeking senior.
Photo Credit: Sofia Martuscelli, degree-seeking senior.


Two weeks ago, I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life: being a production assistant for a documentary around Italy.

My adventure begins at Bologna Centrale, where I found Geraldine Ghelli’s reassuring and happy face welcoming me with Seth Chandler, the owner of DCADCPR, and Daniel Lawrence, his video assistant. Back at the hotel we do a first meeting and they explain us our main duties. Since they don’t speak any Italian, they would need us first as interpreters and then as camera helpers. The following day we woke up early and Chandler showed us the shots’ list. Chandler and Lawrence had one priority: Carpigiani Gelato University, a cultural project that aims to sustain the development of gelato shops everywhere.

At the university, we interviewed the president of Carpigiani and learned how to use the amazing cameras Lawrence and Chandler brought from the United States. From then on, everything was a race. We packed our bags, had a quick pranzo and raced back to Bologna Centrale, en route to Rimini, the place of the Gran Finale of the Gelato World Tour. The event showcased the 24 best gelato artisans in the world, who competed to create a top gelato flavour.

The next three days were the most intense. Geraldine and I filmed acclaimed gelato artisans from across world, including the United States, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and of course, Italy. In particular, we followed the stories of three North American competitors. We also filmed a gelato artisan originally from Milan, now living in Miami, Stefano Versace, discussing his success.

The final product of the documentary on gelato was gorgeous. Geraldine and I will appear in the credits, along with JCU. The filmmakers were proud of our work. They also told us they were confident they will be watching our movies in a few years.


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