Following a Series of Lectures, Digital Privacy Icon Simon Davies, Now a Visiting Professor at JCU


The improvements made by technology in the last decade have changed how society works. Let’s just consider that college students in the past could not have found a textbook on an online database. Governments can track criminals using GPS and keep a working database of citizens’ private data. Does the widespread use of information improve the function of society, or should citizens have the right to deny the government specific information?

These questions are at the center of discussions by privacy icon Simon Davies. After speaking in a lecture last spring, Davies has returned to JCU, this time as a visiting professor. He is teaching CMS/BUS 385, “Privacy, Surveillance and Social Identities: Practices and Representations”.

Davies’ founded Privacy International in 1990 to defend the right to privacy across the globe. The new class focuses on transparency, understanding of how big tech companies and governments use data. Davies’ fight against the United Kingdom’s Identity Cards Act was one of his most noteworthy projects.


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