An International Gala for an International University


One hundred and fifty people, including students, alumni, trustees, staff and faculty, all gathered together in October to take part in the annual President’s Gala. The event was organized by John Cabot University’s student government and took place in the beautiful Hassler Hotel on top of the Spanish Steps.

This year’s gala brought something unique: each table was named after a different city in the world. The idea was to reflect the international diversity that characterizes JCU. In addition, the event was held on a Sunday evening rather than the typical Saturday due to the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

According to Lynette Quezada, president of student government, there was an “atmosphere of togetherness.” Quezada was happy to see new students coming together with the board of trustees. Specifically, Quezada enjoyed talking to Paula Frohring, the trustee to whom the gala was dedicated, and described her as a “down to earth and open-minded person. She is one of the trustees I will remember the most.”

Carson Colon, a study abroad student from the University of Delaware was glad to attend the event because he felt part of the community despite being a visiting student. Carson appreciated interacting with JCU students from all over the world and recommends that more students attend the next gala not only because “the food — especially the lasagna — was delicious” but also because “the location [was] terrific.”


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