Jane Goodall and Boy Olmi at JCU


Famed primatologist Jane Goodall and Boy Olmi, Argentinean director, were welcomed at John Cabot University (JCU) on October 14 for a private viewing of Olmi’s new documentary, Jane & Payne.

The documentary explores the two researchers in their everyday studies together as they exchange stories about their lives. Dr. Roger Payne tells Goodall that the sounds whales make express the state of their well-being. The documentary explores the issue humans so often forget: animals and the environment work in unison.

The students in Professor Antonio Lopez’s “Media and the Environment” class were honored by the chance to be the first to see the film and speak to Goodall and Olmi in person. Students told Goodall and Olmi about the Grassroots Club’s efforts to spread environmental awareness.

Goodall thanked Lopez’s students for everything they do and said her hope is to continue giving back to students.


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