JCU Students Take Part in the Hunger Run With Team USA


Have you ever heard the Latin saying mens sana in corpore sano? It means, “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” Many of us enjoy being involved in sports; going for a walk or a run to shake off the tension and stress that papers, projects, and school deadlines bring to our lives. But what if running or walking also helped communities that are in need? On October 19, John Cabot University (JCU) joined the United States Mission to the United Nations Team to form “Team USA” for this very purpose.

Representing the university at such a heartfelt event could possibly be one of the most fulfilling experiences a student can partake in. The collaboration among the Business Club, Student Services and the United States Mission to the United Nations sparked an interest in the JCU community to be part of the run. Among the 1,500 competitive athletes running for 10km and the 2,500 non-competitive runners for the 5km race, were 30 excited JCU students, ready to challenge themselves.

“I was really happy to participate along with the JCU Team and USA Team at the Hunger Run,” says Pilar Murguia, Student Services Director at JCU.  “It is important to give back to our community at all levels and especially globally, and I was proud to be part of a group that took action by raising awareness and funding for such an important cause.”

The adrenaline, sense of unity, and sense of belonging to something so important was what led JCU students to run the 5km non-competitive race—and some even ran a 10km one. Not only did they get a chance to run, walk or jog for a valid cause, but they had the luxury to run by the Altare della Patria, through Via dei Fori Imperiali, past the Coliseum, and finally arrive at the starting point: the beautiful Viale delle Terme di Caracalla. Historical architecture and quaint cobblestones made the event unique and sensational.

“It was an event that truly brought together cultures, and both individual people and teams, to run towards ending world hunger,” said Valentina Pichler, one of the runners and vice president of the Business Club. Students also had the honor to enjoy a Sunday BBQ at the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations David Lane’s residence nestled in a magical corner by Circo Massimo, surrounded by green and ancient walls. This was a great opportunity to keep fit, have fun and enjoy a different Sunday after midterms. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body after all.


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