Elevator Pitch Winners Participate in European BarCamp in Milan


Convincing the audience in one minute is a tough challenge. Consider how much a listener needs to be convinced, and squeeze that into 60 seconds. The Elevator Pitch has become one of the signature competitions at John Cabot University (JCU), and this semester it was sponsored by Facebook and ItaliaCamp.

After choosing a pitch that falls into ‘Business Idea’, ‘Social Cause’ and ‘Personal Pitch’, competitors delivered their ideas to a panel of judges, Business Professors Silvia Pulino and Pietro Paganini, as well as Riccardo Maiolini, co-founder of Italia Camp.

After hearing the selection of live and video pitches, the panel of judges elected Lucio D’Alessandro for the Business Idea category, a tie between Anthony Millimaci and Gina Semensi for the Social Cause category and Valeria Borghetti for the Personal Pitch category.

The prize was a trip to the European BarCamp in Milan November 28 and 29. Lucio D’Alessandro and Valeria Borghetti represented JCU at the event, which brought together entrepreneurs and researchers on the topic of Social Innovation. The variety in speakers was, geographical, generational and gender-driven, which made their debates interesting and fair. The diversity on stage allowed for intense discussions on what Social Innovation is, contextualizing it in a culture, economy, community and era.  Riccardo Maiolini, organizer of the European BarCamp was pleased to welcome two JCU students in Milan, as he will be teaching as an adjunct professor in January.

The European BarCamp was held at the Accademia delle Arti di Brera, where Empress Mary Therese of Austria studied. The BarCamp aimed to bring voices, ideas and thoughts together on social innovation, with a European perspective that highlights points of view from different countries. The discussions ranged from how social innovation can impact unemployment in Italy, to promoting gender equality in Estonia, and helping communities in Portugal and Mozambique.


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