Speak-Up: JCU’s Newest Club


As 2015 gets underway, there is a lot of excitement in the air amidst the freezing winds. This semester, the public speaking club Speak-Up will be drafting their constitution to establish themselves as an independent student-run club. Speak-Up was founded last fall by President Charles Tabansi and Vice-President Marco Pecchio in order to provide coaching for the student participants who took part in the Elevator Pitch Competition.

Prior to organizing trainings for students, the club planned various workshops that focused on communication in the professional environment, for example organizing a task where participants had to deliver a speech as the CEO of a company undergoing a financial crisis.

Although Speak-Up originally aimed to help students participating in the Elevator Pitch Competition, the group wishes to expand their horizons not only by coaching students, but also by providing additional workshops to improve public oration skills. The group also would like to work on organizing a professional conference with professional figures from the corporate world.

To aid in this expansive process, the group added three new board members: Treasurer Gioia Iacopini, Logistics Manager Louis Meuli, and Communications Officer Vikas Sharma.

The club anticipates this semester’s Elevator Pitch Competition to be just as, if not more, successful than those held previously. “Having trained two out of the three winners for the competition last semester, I’m confident that we have the ability to lead our peers to success,” said Tabansi.

The Elevator Pitch Competition this semester will be held April 20. For more information regarding this event, or any other inquiries, please contact speakup@johncabot.edu.


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