You should go and love Yourself

By Kaya Zabriskie

She is part of the new fit movement that has taken over Instagram. Fit is the new sexy–sore is the new sexy.

She has created a community of strong women all over the world who help each other and motivate one another.

Twenty-seven-year old Anna Victoria has developed a 12-week Fit Body Program that has helped women lose pounds and gain self confidence.

Her FBG, or Fit Body Guides, focus on high intensity interval workouts and even include a 12-Week Meal Plan. With a growing community of FBG women, people from all over the world have been encouraging each other to stay motivated towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The new wave of skinny-fat to fit is a huge new trend that has been taking over all social media platforms. Although Victoria, who is currently based in Rome, says her main platform is Instagram, she is willing to do a meet-up and workout with her FBG girls.

How did it all begin? “It was an entire lifestyle change. I started my fitness journey in 2012 when I ran into a health issue,” says Victoria, she explained that while she was in high school and college she ate purely for enjoyment and food was responsible for her health problems. “It wasn’t until another six months of taking prescription medication (from that emergency room visit) that I realized there was a deeper, underlying problem, which then made me turn to my eating habits.”

Victoria says that she never realized she wanted to make a change but she had to. “There were many times in the beginning I literally kicked and screamed when my boyfriend (now fiancé) told me I had to go to the gym. It was the last thing I cared to do but it was either that or continue down the road I was on before, and I wanted that even less than I wanted to go to the gym”, she says.

Originally from Yuba City, California, Victoria said that living in Italy has actually helped her stay on track with her lifestyle change. “When I go back home to the U.S, all the food there is what I grew up on, like comfort food, so it has its own allure that Italian food doesn’t have. But of course living in Rome is tempting as well, every corner there is a gelateria or pizzeria.”

Victoria’s guides are a 12-week program that are split into three strength days and three cardio days, and take only 30 minutes a day and absolutely no gym required. Victoria says after about nine months into her journey she felt comfortable with sharing her story and once she did she was sent dozens of messages asking her how she did it.

She has made a guide for vegetarians and one for non vegetarians. The price of the guides are $79.95, which includes the 12-week Meal Plan and the 12-week Training Guide, as well as grocery lists, portion guides, recipe guides, best food for fat loss and many many more.
Victoria wanted to help everyone so she would write notes on her iPhone and copy and paste them to whoever asked her for advice. It got to a point where she was sending notes to people almost everyday, so she compiled all her research, knowledge and experience and put them into her 12-week guides.

The Fitfam movement is growing and the motivation is continuous. The motivation that is seen through the #fbggirls on Instagram is one of the main reasons why the FBG community is so strong.

The hashtag shows all of the fbggirls followers’ progress. Many post their before and after pics, post their struggles and achievements, and encourage each other to keep on going.

Kelsey White, a former JCU student, has also been one of the many girls to join Victoria’s movement. “ I have always worked out and gone to the gym, but I felt like I needed motivation or even to push myself more—I felt like I was missing something in my workouts. That is when I stumbled upon Anna Victorias fit fam on instagram and looked her up.”

Soon after, White says she purchased Victorias guides. After almost 4 months of using her guides and meal programs she feels great and sees lots of differences. White went on to say ” I am so glad  I found her fitbodyguides, not only was it good to have a support system with you every step of the way but I felt like the program worked for my body, I feel healthier and I couldn’t be happier!”

The before and after pictures of these strong women from all over the world is what motivates other women and girls to join. The inspirational posts keep bringing more girls to join and keep the existing ones to continue staying on track.

However Victoria says temptation is the most challenging part. “ I have a huge sweet tooth and an insatiable emotional appetite. To me, eating was more emotional than anything and I would continue eating long after I was physically full. Even now, a lot of times when I crave something, I crave it mostly in thought,” She says that the idea of a cupcake was what she craved more than the actual cupcake itself.

“To fight the temptation I first removed all junk food from my house, and then second, I allowed myself one cheat meal a week. I don’t believe cupcakes or sweets or junk food are all bad, it’s the portion and the balance.”

Moderation and balance is what Victoria says are the keys to success with your lifestyle change. Victoria says her advice to women who feel discouraged is you don’t have to feel like you have to do everything perfectly right from the start.

Victoria is an inspiration to her FBG girls, she talks to them and keeps them motivated with her positivity and infectious smile. “ I feel a big part of why people either never start or give up is the overwhelm. I want girls to know its not necessary to be perfect in order to be successful.”


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