Barilla Restaurants: Italian cuisine in the Big Apple

Picture by Barilla Press

By Cristina Di Leva

NEW YORK – For the first time in its history, Barilla, the Italian family-owned food company established in Parma in 1877, has brought the excellence of the real Italian cuisine in the United States, specifically in New York City, with the opening of three restaurants in Midtown Manhattan, named Barilla restaurants.

“The idea of opening the first Barilla Restaurant in New York comes from the entrepreneurship of Barilla brothers and their will to affirm Barilla brand as the ambassador of the authentic Italian cuisine in the world, with a direct contact with its customers,” stated Luca Uva, president of Barilla Restaurants.

The first Barilla Restaurant, characterized by a rustic and refined style, opened at the end of 2013 at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, next to 5th avenue, and between the Radio City Music Hall and the Museum of Modern Art. The other two Barilla Restaurants are located at 1065 Avenue of the Americas, 40th Street in front of Bryant Park, and at 108 West 32nd Street, next to Herald Square.

“They have chosen New York as the first city where to test this new business model because it’s the world’s epicenter of new trends at restaurants, and city with one of the highest numbers of restaurants per person,” President Uva continued.

Inside the restaurants, the concept of Italian simplicity and family-owned is perceived through a variety of products with the “Made in Italy” brand name, and pictures showing the history of the company dating back to the first years of its foundation.

“Give people food that you would give your own children: this is the heart of the Barilla’s daily aspiration,” he claimed.

The menu, mainly focused on pasta, offers a wide range of dishes that goes from the Italian popular tradition, such as parmigiana, farfalle genovesi, tagliatelle bolognesi, orecchiette pugliesi and so on, to the more classical dishes, including spaghetti with tomato sauce, tortellini alfredo, lasagna, and more. However, the menu, adapted for both vegans and vegetarians, proposes also wholegrain and gluten free pasta, personal pizzas, salads and panini, soups, pastries and cakes, and a large selection of Italian wines.

President Uva also talked about the concept Barilla wants to transmit through the selection of dishes offered in its restaurants: “Barilla mission is indeed promoting a healthy and joyful diet, inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. For this reason, in our restaurants, Barilla pays much attention to a varied but authentic Italian offer that reflects the values of the Mediterranean Diet and Good for you God for the planet.”

The concept “Good for You – Good for The Planet” developed by the Barilla Center for Food Nutrition, is based of the Mediterranean diet, which has a very low impact on the environment and provides good, safe, and nutritionally correct products.

At the end of November, Barilla will open two new Barilla Restaurants in Dubai, based on the same model of those opened in New York. “Next year, however, we will expand our presence in the USA too,” he continued.

With its three restaurants in New York City and the close opening of other two in Dubai, Barilla company, number one on pasta market, is bringing the excellence of the Italian cuisine and the quality of Mediterranean diet in the world.

If you are wandering around Midtown and are craving real Italian pasta, Barilla Restaurantss are your places to go!

E tu, di che pasta sei fatto?


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