By Giuseppe Spatafora

On October 20-22, 12 delegates from the MUN Society represented John Cabot University at Warsaw Model United Nations 2016  conference, where they discussed the broad topic of European Insecurity. The issues each committee dealt with were timely and extremely interesting, like the trial  of Viktor Yanukovyc, the refugee crisis, Europe’s cultural identity, and relations with Russia.

Wawmun proved to be a great school of “learning by doing”: our JCU delegates could practice problem solving, leadership and negotiation skills by representing a member state of the United Nations. Rachel Confair writes: “Warsaw Model UN was my first ever MUN experience. I was very nervous going in but I felt like a completely different person when I left. I was more confident. I felt like I had a voice.” Also experienced delegates like Leonardo Rivalenti enjoyed the debate: “The attendance to Wawmun has been a very productive and experience, from the point of the debates held in the Conference, where many delegates showed a good preparation.”

All delegates were well prepared and actively partook in their committee sessions. At the closing ceremony, the MUN Society’s President Giuseppe Spatafora won the Best Delegate Award representing Georgia in the Historical Security Council. Oleksandra Vereschak and Sara Traylor, who played the roles of Prosecutor and Legal Representative of the Victims in the International Criminal Court, both received a mention from their committee’s Chairs. Sara Traylor, who is a senior member of MUN Society, has a message for the rest of the club: “I have met wonderful and bright new MUNers, and I am sure they will make us as proud as ever in the next conferences. I thank everyone for making MUN Society what it is today: a family.”

The conference was held in important venues like the National Stadium, the Supreme Court of Poland and the University of Social Sciences. The closing ceremony was held in the Soviet-style Palace of Culture and Science.

Diana Piergentili, another MUN senior member, perfectly summarizes the emotions lived by the MUN Society during the trip: “I will cherish with me all the wonderful memories of this experience. Starting from the stimulating and inspiring debate during the conference, to the moments spent exploring Warsaw and getting lost in it. I came back from this trip amazed by Polish kindness, by the beauty of Warsaw, and so proud of our MUN team!”


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