What Makes A Good Leader?

By Enrica Barberis

On Friday September 2nd, JCU club leaders and board members had the annual Student Leadership Training organized by Student Services. This year the training was run by Student Engagement Coordinator Julia del Papa, who did a great job in assisting workshops and team building activities.

“I am very grateful to be able to work with so many professional and enthusiastic students,” she said. “Along with supervising in community service opportunities, the moments where I closely work with students, such as these trainings, are the favorite parts of my job. I always feel like there is an exchange with students.”


The morning schedule also included a speech by President Franco Pavoncello, and the annual photo with the students.

The president shared his unique and wise experiences as leader of the university, stressing the idea that a leader must be able to listen. The greatest quality is to be dedicated to a cause. 

“JCU is a unique university in which students are taught to constantly think outside of the box, thanks to the international and multicultural exposure,” he said.

He then added that when things seem to be not working “a change of perspective is the key. If you can’t find a pen on your table, for example, get up and stand on the other side of the room. The change of perspective will allow you to find the solution. It is the best way to have an idea.”


In the afternoon the external company Made in Team was invited to teach the student leaders lessons on the importance of teambuilding, trust, self-assessment, communication, problem solving, and leadership.



And now the clubs are active and ready to start!!

“Diplomacy in Action: Experience the United Nations on your skin!” M.U.N.

“迎回来! Welcome back by the Chinese Culture Club!” -你来或不来 我都在-

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” (John Keats) Art History Club

“Migrant Lives Matter”  STAND

“Come to Speak Up Club and we will give the words and confidence you need” SPEAK UP

Universities Fighting World Hunger: no lives matter less. Join UFWH to help those in need.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — / I took the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference.” Take the right decision by joining the Literature Club!

Inspiring. Creating. Performing.

The goal of the JCU Theater Society is to welcome all students who wish to express themselves through the many aspects of theater arts.

Show your true colors, join the Queer Alliance! Work with us to learn and create a better community and a safe space for everyone, no matter gender identity and sexuality.  


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