Speak Up for Your Dreams

By Cassidy Slockett

“If we can make just $1, we can make $1,000,000,” Charles Tabansi told his business partner and friend Marco Pecchio, as they struggled to turn a haphazard bet into a full time business.

Dreamers Communications is a startup that Tabansi founded in Rome with the help of his friend Marco, a Communications student at John Cabot University. The company currently works with Italians, mostly students and young business clients, to help people maximize clients’ public speaking skills and develop the self confidence needed to achieve goals.

Tabansi gives much of the success to Professor Pulino, who encouraged and supported the business idea. “Dreamers [Communications] addresses a sore gap in the Italian preparation of young entrepreneurs, i.e. the ability to persuasively present the highlights of a project in a concise and persuasive manner,” Prof. Pulino said. “Charles and Marco teach how to tell a story so that the listener wants to learn more,” she added.

With the help of Professor Pulino, the duo had the opportunity to train employees from SGL Relogistics, a technological solutions company based in Rome, for Silicon Valley, even while they were still studying at John Cabot University.

Dreamers Communications has recently found great success in training Italian students from La Sapienza, an Italian university in Rome. In the coming year, the two plan to expand the brand and train companies in Milan, Bologna, and Turin, as well as hire marketing specialists to promote the company.

Anyone who has met Tabansi immediately senses that this New Yorker is a confident and extroverted person. Being a student in Italy, he had observed that many of his classmates struggled with formulating and presenting their ideas in front of an audience, especially in English.

As self-assured as Tabansi may have been, Dreamers Communications didn’t start off as an instant success. The second client was a complete failure. There was a lack of understanding about the Italian tax laws, and Dreamers Communications lost 66% of the profit, therefore making only 325 euros instead of the 1000 euros that had been promised.

“Better to fail in the beginning than later on,” Tabansi said, refusing to give up on his goals. He vowed to stay positive and learn the tax system as swiftly as possible. Flashback to two years ago, when Tabansi was a Business Administration student at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. A friend dared Tabansi to enter in the school’s Elevator Pitch Competition, which is touted as a way of presenting a business idea and, “Capturing the other person’s attention to prompt him/her to action,” all in the span of one minute.

Tabansi haphazardly made it to the final round of the competition. It was here that the business idea was born. He had to learn public speaking techniques, and realized that he was actually quite a talented public speaker. Tabansi and Peccio then formed SPEAK UP, where the duo trained university students about the basics of public speech.


“One day, I was training this group and I turned to Marco and said, ‘Hey man, we need to turn this into a business.” It was in this exact moment that the two realized they were offering essential tools for professionals and could be paid to hold these trainings. The combination of natural public speaking talent and brute determination, the two were able to transform SPEAK UP into the official business of Dreamers Communications immediately after they earned bachelor’s degrees.

Want to become a master public speaker? Join Charles and Marco for the next workshop on February 24. You can send them an email at info@dreamerspro.com or find out more information on their website: www.dreamerspro.com.


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