Clubs Spotlight: STAND

Being a part of an international community also means being aware and helping those less fortunate from us. An excellent example of this is JCU’s STAND Club. The club volunteers and works tirelessly to improve the lives of refugees coming to Rome from Syria and other countries.

“Our JCU students’ mission is to provide the refugees with basic resources, so that they can at least satisfy their everyday needs,” said Rita Simone, the treasure of STAND.

In order to raise money for charity, STAND students employ all methods available every semester: they organize book sales, sell pastries and encourage textbook donations. This year, they were able to earn more than 8000 euros in the book sales alone, some of which will be donated to the Jordan Refugee Center.

“We donated 400 euros to the Jordan Refugee Center, thanks to which they bought 24 blankets and 10 heaters which was good since winter gets super cold there, even below 0 degrees at night,” Simone said.

There are also big plans for STAND’s future. “We will have our first trip activity during spring break. We are going to Jordan to visit this refugee center which we provided with aid during this past winter break. We actually gonna meet all these people! And we plan to donate more stuff once we get there.”

This project is one of many actions undertaken by STAND, including raising more than 10,000 euros last year. STAND Club has always been helping the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center located on Via Nazionale in Rome. “What we do here at John Cabot with Stand is huge. We are part of a real organization that helps the people who come to the center, and we try to help them to start a new life. And by volunteering, by spending some time with them there, I think we make all of it a bit easier to manage. We have been growing a lot since the past, and with the resources, we have obtained we will do it better every semester.”

STAND members are helping to build bridges between cultures, countries, and generations. They depict what real generosity is about, and they are incredibly inspiring to all of JCU. Let’s just take a minute and thank them for all what they have already achieved and will undoubtedly achieve in the future: these guys do make the difference.

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