Joey Reviews: La La Land

By Joey Armenio

In a world where musicals for the past decade have been pretty lame, it’s easy to think fairly poor of the genre. When you people hear cinematic musicals, you’re gonna think of something along the lines of ‘Rock of Ages’, ‘Mamma Mia’, or ‘Les Miserables’. Movies that, if you’re not really into the whole musical thing, you probably won’t like. I was worried La La Land’ would follow suit. I saw it pretty late in the game, so I’ve been hearing nothing but mixed reviews for about a month. Considering it just came out in Rome a couple days ago, I was finally able to watch it for myself. I don’t think it’s any surprise to people what the movie was trying to do here. It was using nostalgia and cliches on purpose. Even so, there is, and always will be a fine line when a movie attempts to showcase a series of cliches. Will it stay close to the comically cute, or drift towards the overused and unfunny? In this case, ‘ L a La Land’ stayed true to the line. Though, I can see why some would think it to be over the top. At times the movie felt like it was trying a little too hard to be perfect. Almost as if it were forcing it a little much.

I don’t think anyone could deny though that the flick, as a romance, was fantastic. The movies worth seeing for the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone alone. It’s at the musical aspect people aren’t always 100%. I personally liked it, though I wouldn’t consider myself as the musical type. I’ve never liked the genre, but this movie plays to all the best parts of it. It reminds the viewers of how it used to be. When people would flock to see movies like

‘The Sound of Music’, or ‘Grease’. People have always loved that sort of thing, and it’s hard not to if it’s done correctly.

The film was visually very vibrant and colorful too. The cinematography is most likely going to win in the upcoming Academy Awards. The director and writer Damien Chazelle did a great job. He also directed the 2014 movie Whiplash’ and presents parallel qualities with each other through the love of jazz and style.

Okay, it’s grading time people. I really liked it, but I do see occasional flaws here and there. It’s more than likely going to win for best picture and for what it was trying to do, it fits the bill. That’s why i’m giving it an A. Not an A+ or anything, but a nice solid and perfectly respectable A.

Watch it in English at Cinema Fiamma Multisala this week at 15:40 – 18:20 – 21:00 – 22:30. If you don’t know the theater, it’s a pretty nice one just past Piazza Barberini, no snacks though.



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