MUN Succeeds Again


The Seventh edition of the JCU Model United Nations Conference from January 26th through 28th 2017, brought 102 students together. Pupils from the United States, Italy, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Germany, India, Turkey, Israel, China, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Latvia, Pakistan, Mozambique, Slovakia, and Hungary came to JCU to debate on two topics of huge resonance and importance to the international community.

The first global issue “Tackling Terrorism: Struggles to the International Funds Financing Terrorist Actors” was prepared and chaired by Davide Orsitto, JCU Alumnus, and Leonardo Rivalenti, an International Affairs student. The second important topic, “Taking Effective Steps to Stop Climate Change,” was developed and moderated by MUN President Giuseppe Spatafora, a senior in International Affairs, and the Society’s Secretary Alejandra Palacios, a freshman double majoring in International Affairs and Business.

For the first time, the opening ceremony was held in the prestigious auditorium of the Academia dei Lincei thanks to the support of President Franco Pavoncello, who was the first to welcome delegates to the JCU community. Associate Dean Harris, Society’s advisor, introduced them to the MUN world, while invited keynote speakers Dr. Francesca Galli and Dr. Doaa Abdel-Motaal shared their expertise on the topic. UN reporting officer, Filippo Rosin, concluded the ceremony by talking about his experience in UN peacekeeping missions. Delegates in the room felt inspired about a possible future with the UN. The conference flowed smoothly, thanks to the team of 20 volunteers and organizers led by Oleksandra Vereschak, a senior double majoring in Economics & Finance and Marketing. The participants were impressed by the level of preparation, organization, and professionalism demonstrated by our university. The Society would like to thank all the offices, faculty, and students who supported and assisted them throughout the conference, and look forward to working on JCU MUN 2018!


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