CULTURE BOOM: Art & Business


In romantic comedy meets cute style, Beatrice and Allison met in an elevator at the Fiumicino Airport, just minutes after arriving in Rome to attend the Spring 2015 semester at JCU. While navigating the orientation circus at the airport’s Hilton, they found out they would be sharing a room in Scala A of the Gianicolo Residence. The two of them were an unlikely pair of friends: Beatrice studied Art History and Allison studied Business.

Two years later, after many nights of gelato, mi- crowave popcorn, and of course, Tony’s Pene alla

Vodka, they are still best friends. After traveling to Italy and France together, an idea sparked in their small Gianicolo room, which has now come to life. Since Allison was clueless when it came to art, Be- atrice became her own personal art historian while the two gallivanted around Rome Always obsessed with new business ideas, Allison told Beatrice that she had a “gift” in how she explained art. Bea- trice’s focus wasn’t to bore you to tears with dates and names, but rather to explain why you should care about what all the guidebooks suggested you to see. Subsequently, with this idea in mind, the girls started an Instagram account called @culturequota. This account provides art history facts and trivia

for the everyday person, who wants to know more about famous art, but doesn’t have the time to take an art history travel course abroad (to possibly impress a few people at their next cocktail party).

Two years later, Beatrice and Allison are based in Chicago, working to bring their content from @culturequota to everyone; making art and its fascinating history accessible. They are in the pro- cess of setting up a website, developing talks for university students, and working with local mu- seums to join their cause. To keep up with their adventures and maybe learn some fun facts follow @culturequota on Instagram today.


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