If you thought the library hosted only books, you’d be wrong. Hidden among the bookshelves, there is a little gallery: the 4m2 Gallery.

The name refers to the dimensions of space behind the info desk in the Aurelian Wing of the library, where this project rst de- veloped. The gallery was born from the ideas of Dean Merva, Professor Rutt, Professor Hansen, the Art History Club and the Library, and it quickly blossomed.

Today, the Art History Club curates the space and selects new artists to display their work. Currently on display are four photo- graphs by Professor Schoneveld, belonging to the Memory and Etruscan Landscape, in which the theme of nature is intertwined with language and memory. The photographs aim to express the quintessential quality of Etruscan landscapes in Lazio in black and white. They were taken in analogic photography and print- ed using co ee. Belonging to the Professor are also three pictures in the back of the library which capture Roman instances in the same way Dutch artists who came to Rome in the 16 – 17th century drew Roman landscapes. These photographs create parallels between Rome of the past and the present, as well as Romantic Dutch artists and contemporary photography.

The gallery received a gift by one of its former artists, starting its permanent collection. The piece is Vanguard by Professor Sera no Amato and it is installed on the rst oor of the Aurelian Wing. It is a black and white photograph representing a man in working clothes bended inside a container, looking for something. The image captures the atmosphere of a place like a library, where students spend their time digging into books, researching and discovering.

The 4m2 Gallery is a way to keep our library always warm and welcoming, and to enrich our JCU environment with works by the people who inhabit it. It is the result of the combined and creative relationship that binds the JCU community.

If you are curious about the Gallery, its projects and artworks, nd info on the JCU website under the Library section. To get an idea of all the other activities the Art History Club organizes, visit ahcjcu.tumblr.com.


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