Ask Ms. Cabot

Dear Ms. Cabot,

It’s midterms week, I am overwhelmed with papers and tests. What are some good ways to relax, take care of myself, unwind, and rest?

Sincerely, Overwhelmed-college-student

Dear Overwhelmed-college-student,

Between midterms, papers, and extra-curricular activities, I feel like my cortisol levels are through the roof! Two things to help you stay balanced during a stressful week: food and sleep. I know you feel like you have no time to eat because you have to study for that killer exam, but make sure you to give your brain nutrition to function!

Many people sacrifice sleep the night before big midterms, but sleep is linked to your performance on exams, and your brain needs it to process the information you read. It’s a scientific fact: getting sleep is linked to memory recall, so don’t feel guilty about getting a good night’s sleep before an exam.

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Self-care is incredibly important. If you’re feeling stressed, two things that might help are meditation and keeping a journal.

Meditation is a great way to keep your mind centered, and journaling can help you keep track and process how you’re feel- ing from day-to-day. Net ix is a great way to unwind between study sessions, but I would recommend watching movies rather than that new TV series you heard about during midterms week. You don’t want to go on a Net ix binge the week of midterms; I’ve done it many a time and always regretted it.

Also, do not go out. Avoid alcohol during midterms! You may want to keep your mind o of exams, but they’re not going anywhere. Be responsible and stay focused on your studies. You are a student first and foremost, and doing well should be your rst priority!

Be well and good luck on your exams. You’ve got this!

Yours Truly, Ms. Cabot


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