March Issue

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Ciao John Cabot!

I am happy to say that warm weather is on its way! We are halfway through the semester and spring break is just around the corner! Coraggio, JCU!

Thank you for your support and feedback every month.  In the March issue, I decided to concentrate on three themes: internationalism, feminism, and mental health. In these pages you will find articles about a fashion resistance group, vegan restaurants in Rome, volunteering abroad and a profile on our amazing Dean of Students, Deanna Mayer.

Last Friday I came across an article on the Guardian about mental health and the stigma in academia. I found myself deeply involved in the article and thought that with midterms week, and the first Mental Health Workshop on Friday, March 10th, it would be important to talk about it.

“We are not talking enough about mental health,” says Darcy Gruttadaro, the director of advocacy and public policy at the National Alliance on Mental Illness in the US, NAMI. “By refusing to talk about mental health, conversations are relegated to the level of hearsay and rumour. This language also explicitly equates mental health problems with weakness,” I read in the article by the Guardian, “This type of language also accomplishes something else; it takes the problem of mental health and places it squarely upon the shoulders of the sufferer, rather than seeing it as a responsibility of any wider system.”

For this issue I would like to thank Valentina Di Blasi, who has been my “guardian angel” in the writing of the Shattering Stigma article. I’d like to thank the writers for their contributions, the Dean of Student’s office, Counseling, our amazing advisor Elizabeth Macias Gutierrez, and Allie Folino for being my light.

As always, send us comments, and please do not hesitate to stop us around campus to chat or send us an email.


Enrica Barberis


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