Theatre Society Presents “A Night of Shel Silverstein”

By Cassidy Slockett



JCU Theatre Society has been working hard to prepare for their next performance, “A Night of Shel Silverstein”. The show is a combination of comedies “Shel’s Shorts” mixed with “An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein”, which are made up entirely of ten minute scenes and sketches.


Unlike most university plays, this one is anything but censored. Scenes revolve around subjects such as prostitutes, dead animals, murder, and traces of bestiality. If you’re expecting a stage adaptation of The Giving Tree or Where The Sidewalk Ends, you’re in for a surprise. This is brazen and shameless adult comedy. Joel Hashop, assistant director and actor, reflects on American children’s book author, Shel Silverstein, “It’s really fun to see him express his genius and creativity without the restrictions of being PG.”


While the cast may only be made up of seven actors, the show itself features nearly thirty characters. This means the actors must master the art of quick costume changes and learning multiple characters. “The cast is small, so we’re pretty close, which is super great because no one minds trying crazy, silly things,” says Sierra Wharton, actor and Social Media Coordinator, “That’s especially important for these scenes since their content is unconventional.”


AJ Boughner, who plays a rather grouchy woman in the play, describes her character as an “unnecessary bitch”. She says that this role is her favorite in the sixteen years of her performing arts career because, “it’s letting me vent out all my anger.”


The Theatre Society is directed, produced, and performed entirely by John Cabot University students, meaning they all must balance time between studies and extracurriculars wisely. “These guys have been working their butts off,” says President Joey Armenio, “We have three rehearsals a week, each from two to four hours.” Rehearsals include many a late night. “I know it will all pay off,” Armenio later reflected.


Ready for an entertaining night of adult jokes? John Cabot University Theatre Society presents “An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein” and “Shel’s Shorts” in the Aula Magna in Guarini on March 29th at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free.



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