Graduation: What Now?

Maria del Pilar Murguia


Graduating student leaders at last year’s President’s Gala.
From left: Cristian Tracci, Sara Traylor, Davide Orsitto, Giorgia Maia, Enrica Pacitto, Giulia Primo, Aleks Vereschak, Giuseppe Spatafora and Enrica Barberis. 


What are we leaving behind? Did we take enough time to think about our legacy? What is going to happen to all our projects and ideas?  Can I let it go?

These and many more are the questions that go through the mind of our student leaders as they are approaching their graduation day.   Now, it is the time to start thinking about legacy – what inheritance they will be leaving to the organization and the people they have been working with.  It is time to start sharing what they have learnt throughout their time at JCU and how their involvement has made the difference, on themselves and others.

First of all, it is important to acknowledge that, as a student and as an incredible human being, you have contributed to make your program better and your club work toward a greater success.  You have built solid foundations for the program to be sustainable through the time, so that the next leader will be able to continue the work and erect something new on top of it.

Once I read an article that stated: “The best leadership legacies are consequences of success coming to those who are surrounded by people that want their success to continue. When you can inspires those around you to take a leap of faith with you, you are creating a legacy defining a moment in your leadership career. Whenever you have this opportunity embrace it. Capture the moment and appreciate the inherent responsibility associated with it to guide and shaper the overall experience.”

It is important that you develop a plan, not only to pass on your technical mastery and knowledge of your role, but also your wisdom and leadership values.   You have learned many important lessons along the way, which are some of the most treasured experiences you can pass on to prepare your club’s leaders to carry on the torch into the future.

So where can you start? You can start by compiling a list of:

All the tasks you mastered in your position

What you would not do again and why

Events, programs, meetings that went well and why

Advices you have for the person who will take over your position

Name of the administrators\staff\faculty you found helpful – depending also on the kind of events you were organizing

Describe other important areas new officers would need to carry on (traditions, partnerships, co-sponsorships, fundraisers, themed weeks, etc.)

Once you have finished your list, you should create a transition binder where you will keep all this information. It is important also that you involve your club’s advisor in the process, so that she\he can make sure that your legacy is passed to the new leaders.


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