Joey Reviews: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

By Joseph Armenio


Believe it or not, this is going to be my last Joey Reviews. I’m graduating in May, but hey, we had some pretty good times. I hated on Suicide Squad and praised Doctor Strange. I’ve touched the heart and souls of my thousands of fans. Let’s face it, I became a cultural icon at this university. So when deciding what movie I should do for my last review, I must admit, I had a hard time choosing. Usually, I choose to review movies that are currently in Rome. It gives the reader an opportunity to to find out what movies are playing in English here, as well as getting a good sense whether they should go see it or not.

With the current movie selection, there is no chance in hell that my last movie will be about Beauty and Beast. Or the 72nd installment of Fast and Furious. I think this one is called Fate of the Furious. Who knows. No one is checking anytime soon. I could be right or wrong, no one cares. The point is, I’m not going to review those movies.

I’ll instead review a movie from last year that is currently available on DVD, or, let’s be honest, illegal download. Hunt for the Wilderpeople, is a movie that I feel is incredibly underrated. It’s this pretty crazy movie from New Zealand directed by Taika Waititi. Its funny, sad, and clever. It’s a film that really shows off the expertise of the director. He has a sort of Wes Anderson vibe to his style that creates a nice viewing experience. If you liked Moonrise Kingdom, you would love this one. Trust me.

The acting was nice and the two main characters had great chemistry. Nowhere close to Danny Devito & Arnold Schwarzenegger chemistry, but close. I think I’ve shown this movie to everyone I know – and they all said it was anywhere between “meh” and “fantastic” That’s a pretty good range if you ask me.

I’ll cut this review a little short because I want to talk a little bit about who I’m selecting to replace me as the school’s Chief Film Critic. Yes, that’s my title, and yes I gave it to myself. When it comes to reviewing films, I wouldn’t trust anyone but Joel Hashop. He has great passion for films and questionably immoral humor. It’s the perfect combination for criticizing movies. He liked “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.” So people, next year, make sure to look for “Joel Reviews.” Plus, our name’s are practically the same. It’s going to be great.

In terms of grading for Hunt for the Wilderpeople, I’m giving it an A+. Don’t question my judgement. This is my last review, I can do whatever I want to.

Butt butt skiddily butt butt.


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