Mama Pasta: Where Tradition is Shaken Up with Innovation

Despite it serves only Italian pasta dishes and looks like a tourist trap, Mama Pasta is actually a fresh, innovative and inexpensive little restaurant located inside the small alleys of Trastevere. The peculiar characteristic of this all-about-pasta restaurant is that the customers are able to see the preparation of their customized pasta dishes, which are shaken inside a cocktail shaker before being served for takeaway or sit down.

The restaurant was the owner, Alessio Bosi’s, dream. He wanted to bring  the real tradition of pasta back to the heart of Rome. Here, away from the chaotic and congested city center, the atmosphere is different and new: there is time to think, to walk along the narrow streets of the neighborhood and look around, while eating a delicious plate of takeaway pasta.

Mama Pasta offers nine different types of pasta: from mezzamanica to fresh gnocchi, plus daily specials. These nine types of pasta are combined with ten types of sauces: from the classic amatriciana to the most peculiar ravioli stuffed with cod and covered in a cream of peas and pepper.

“I come here almost every day, and I can’t stop eating this shaken pasta!” said a regular customer while eating a plate of spaghettone all’amatriciana.


Spaghettone all’amatriciana comes with sprinkles of pecorino cheese and a pinch of pepper. Its salty tomato sauce perfectly marries the “al dente” spaghettone, which is surrounded by bits of soft guanciale. Gnocchi al ragù,  following the tradition of Emilia Romagna, melt in your mouth leaving an aftertaste of sweet tomato sauce and ragù made of minced beef.

The more requested dishes often vary according to its customers: hungry students, workers on their lunch break, the “trasteverino” who wants to try something new, and inevitably, tourists who want a traditional plate of pasta. Regular customers, however, prefer mezzamanica alla carbonara, picio, and fettuccine al ragù.

“I had gnocchi all’amatriciana and it was very flavorful!” said a JCU student who recently tried the food at the restaurant. She continued, “it’s very cheap, less oily than Tiber food and it’s convenient if you don’t have time to cook pasta at home.” A dish of pasta might start at 4€ up to 7€.

The name “Mama Pasta” comes from the typical Italian mother, “mamma,” who used to spend a lot of time making handmade pasta on Sundays with tradition and love for the family. “My idea was to launch the restaurant in a take-away style, but now we’re also giving more space to our clients inside the dining room,” Bosi added.

The restaurant, located on Via del Moro 37, does not only serve take-away pasta dishes, but also has a sit-down dining area, furnished in a ‘60s style, with bright colors and motifs.

Looks can be deceiving, but from those who have tried it, Mama Pasta is worth the try!




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